Learn More About How Best To Change of Address When You Move

When you move, you need to officially change your address everywhere so that you continue receiving your mail without interruptions.There is nothing worse than losing important mail like checks and bills.

Change to Address who do I need to update?

When you move, you need to update everyone who sends you mail! Banks, credit cards, mortgage providers, student loans utilities. etc. If you don't update everyone then all the mail they send will eventually get lost. So, make sure to update the following entities in order:

  • Federal and state government agenices (SSA, VA, IRS, Motor vehicles, etc.)

  • All your companies and service provide

  • All your friends,family and personal contacts

Want a free change of address checklist to help you organize your move? Click here

When do I need to file my change of address?

Pretty much right away.

  • Government agenices each have different requirments - as a rule of thumb. make sure to notify them well before you expect your next check or bill

  • Try to update all your companies as soon as you can. Postal mail forwarding ends pretty quickly. 1st class mail forwarding lasts for one year. Subscriptions only forward for 2 months. Catalogs don't get forwarded at all. 2nd service providers.

  • Send moving announcements to your friends and family at your leisure. You certainly want to update them before the holiday season.

What happens if don't file a change of address or update all my companies?

Your mail will get lost. Period. It you don't update the Post office, all your mail will collect at your old house or get returned to sender. Even it you file a change of address with the Post office you sill need to update all your companies and service providers one at a time. This is because the post office mail postal mail forwarding service ends pretty quickly. Eventually, the Post Office will stop forwarding your mail to the new address.

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